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Four Twelve Renewables was founded with the vision of using an abundant resource to provide much needed funding to local communities.

The organization is focused on developing and operating utility scale solar facilities that produce clean, renewable energy. These solar projects are supported and funded by the local foundation community, public private partnerships and private dollars.

Site locations for all projects utilize non-productive land and brownfield sites to ensure the protection of valuable farmland and green spaces.

solar panel array


Beaver County, PA – BE Pine

Four Twelve Renewables is currently operating a utility scale solar facility on brownfield space in Greene Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, known as BE Pine. The project produces clean, renewable energy, while creating a sustainable funding source to provide support to low- and moderate-income Southwestern Pennsylvania households who struggle to maintain basic utility service.

The facility consists of approximately 98,000 bifacial solar panels, which are connected to the electrical grid. BE Pine has been in operation since late 2023 and generates approximately 66 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

Four Twelve Renewables is partnering with Dollar Energy Fund to utilize the proceeds generated from this project, along with utility company matching funds, to provide utility assistance grants to low- and limited-income Pennsylvania residents. These once per year, per household grants will provide basic natural gas, water, wastewater, and electric utility service.

The proceeds from Four Twelve Renewables’ BE Pine facility is expected to support and sustain 250,000 low- and limited-income households with more than $75 million in utility assistance over the next 35 years. This is approximately 30% higher than Dollar Energy Fund’s projections without proceeds from the solar facility.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Improving the Environment

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generally do not produce greenhouse gas emissions, unlike other fossil fuel energy sources.

Improving Public Health

Nonrenewable energy sources can create various pollutants that may have a negative impact on public health.

Diversifying Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources can be offloaded to the energy grid to make it more reliable by adding additional capacity.

Expanding Access to Energy

Renewable energy infrastructure is much more flexible, and the natural resources involved are present everywhere in the world, making it more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that electricity generated from a combination of different sources, including solar, is beneficial for everyone. This diversification helps ensure adequate energy supplies for our increasingly connected lifestyles.

As sure as the sun rises every day, solar farms will continue to make passive income, in this case for very important community initiatives right here on Main Street. These initiatives will improve the quality of life for residents.

As long as the sun continues to rise each morning, there is enough sun to support this, and countless additional projects. Our solar panels harness the power of the sun even on the most overcast days.

Even in cold snowy months the solar panels produce energy via their bifacial panels. These hi-tech panels not only receive light from sun in the sky beaming down, but also from any light that reflects off the ground to the panel.

A facility like the one in Beaver County can operate for more than 30 years before the solar panels require retrofitting and then it could continue for another 30+ years and so on. And because the site was built responsibly, there is always the option for the solar panels to be removed and the land to be recommissioned and used for another purpose.

Four Twelve Renewables’ management team and board of directors has a diligent process for selecting initiatives that are timely and relevant to the local community.

Whether you’re a landowner seeking to explore options for your property, a corporation looking to add responsible energy or a nonprofit looking for funding, Four Twelve Renewables can help.
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